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By Diane Grady on 9/16/2011 5:42 PM
How many times in the past few years have you had a really great listing, clean, nice location, soft neutral colors, great curb appeal, wonderful neighborhood, and best of all, outstanding sellers who understand the market and price competitively to sell?
By Diane Grady on 9/14/2011 8:05 PM
God Bless our parents who raised us and gave us opportunities that they never had themselves. We should take note like many foreign countries like Asia and Europe who worship and revere the elderly. We need to protect our Seniors. Take some time and visit the nursing homes and elder care centers. Adopt a Senior Citizen, they have so much valuable life experience to share and would so love the companionship. Let's not leave our parents and grandparents out in the cold. Without them, we wouldn't be here!!
By Diane Grady on 9/14/2011 8:26 AM
It is a shame that it has come to this, but agents, both men and women, should really think before they show a home or host an open house. We have not had any known incidents here in Saint Augustine Florida, but the crime is up here and everywhere and it is, I am sure, just a matter of time, before someone is hurt because of not being prepared.
By Diane Grady on 9/12/2011 3:51 PM
It used to be that you could be a good agent and do a good job and that was enough. It was all that it took. Today is a totally different world. With the financial chaos, political problems and national debt in the trillions, our buyers and sellers need us more than ever. They are afraid to buy, afraid not to buy. Want to sell, have to sell, need to sell, They are all over the place and need someone strong, smart and level headed to help them sort through all of it and assist them in making good decisions.
By Diane Grady on 9/7/2011 9:35 PM
As Realtors, we hear it all the time. Buyers continue to wait for "the bottom" before they buy. After seeing so many homes and a few that they really really loved, I gave this example to buyers that I was working with. You know, every year Macys has  great sale. The first day offers the best selection even though the items are only marked down to 50%. At 50% off it is still a great deal and with so many things to chose from the first day, it is the best time to shop!
By Diane Grady on 9/6/2011 9:10 AM
For many years Saint Augustine has been known as a sleepy little town, quaint, nice and virtually undiscovered by most. More recently things have begun to change. Saint Augustine is in the news and beginning to get noticed! The US World and News Report rated Saint Augustine as one of the top 10 places to live.  Coastal Living Magazine wrote a lovely article about us, naming Saint Augustine as one of the best places to enjoy the Christmas lights. Flagler College was ranked one of the top 10 most beautiful campuses! Wow! Someone is paying attention!  All of a sudden people are noticing all of the things about Saint Augustine that those of us who are lucky enough to live here, love and enjoy about our beautiful little city! However, because we are such a small town, the question always arises...What is there to do in Saint Augustine?


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