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By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:40 PM
Today I am heading for Palmilla, The one and Only Resort, in Mexico. I am going with The Tony Robbins Platinum Partners Group, that I joined while at a Business Mastery class in Fiji this summer. There are only 4 of these trips annually, and this one is my first.
By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:38 PM
In a sleepy little town named Saint Augustine Florida you will find some of the most beautiful stretches of the Intracoastal Waterway, anywhere in the state. Where our neighbors to the north and south of us narrow to small canals with homes peering over the edges at each other, Saint Augustine has broad sparkling waterways mostly bordered by marshes and other natural vegetation.
By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:36 PM
Pelican Reef is an exclusive waterfront community located just south west of Anastasia Island's famous Lighthouse.  There will only be 125 homes to ever be built here on this pristine tract of land, bordered by the sparkling Intracoastal waterway to the west, and extensive marshlands filled with native birds of every size and color!
By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:34 PM
I am Activerain!! I find that since I have become a member of the Activerain family I hardly go on facebook or any of the other social media sites. There is just so much great information here. I learn something every day! Where else can you do that in such abundance. Also, the new friends. I feel like I already know some of you and am so grateful for all the help and friendship you have generously shared with me. This is my first contest!!!! Thank you! Thank you!!
By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:32 PM
In this chaotic economic environment I find that there are sellers are looking to list with Realtors that will give them a "reduced rate commission".  I for one do not accept those listings as I want to work with someone who Respects and Values what I do for a Living. Key phrase, I do this for a living!!! For as long as I can remember, commissions have been set at 6%. While the cost of gas, advertising and everything else has risen substantially, the Realtors fee of 6% has remained the same.
By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:28 PM
This year was an outstanding year to celebrate Halloween in our community. There were over 40 children participating. The neighbors organized a hay ride, bobbing for apples, and lots of covered pans of things for the children to reach in and grab like bat eyeballs and other horrid things. The children were darling and it was a safe and happy Halloween for all.
By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:25 PM
It is always a pleasure to work with someone who is nice. When searching for properties to show your buyers do you by chance take a look at who the listing agent is?? Sometimes it can determine whether or not the property actually gets shown!!
By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:21 PM
Today I had a few extra minutes and decided to make myself more familiar with Activerain. Seeing as I am a somewhat new member, I thought that I would familiarize myself with the site. I found a home page that had all of the staff of Activerain. How impressive is this!!! I had no idea that it was such a huge, impressive group of folks! Now I know why it is so professional. I truly get how it runs so smoothly, and how you instantly are part of something new and wonderful when you join.
By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:19 PM
In this market it is very difficult for home owners to know where to price their homes. They are really in need of our services and expertise more than ever. In the beginning of this declining market I found that many agents were listing very high, well over what one could expect the offers to come in at, in order to make the buyers feel like they were getting a deal when they offered a much lower price that was then accepted. The philosophy behind this was that because the offers were so low, they had to price higher, just expecting this. I did not succumb to this pattern and am glad that I did not.
By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:16 PM
This Sunday was a pristine day in Saint Augustine Florida. While the temperatures were about 81 degrees, the air was cool and crisp like a fall day in the mountains. What a winning combination!! We decided to take our boat out for an hour or so and I just had to share with you a very small part of what we enjoyed.
By Diane Grady on 11/13/2011 1:04 PM
"People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow.Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give you best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them." - Mother Teresa
By Diane Grady on 10/13/2011 12:54 PM
This fantastic condo is so awesome that I just had to share it with you!!! More like a 2 story town house, this 2 bedroom unit sits directly over the Intracoastal Waterway in Saint Augustine Florida! It is completely remodeled, comes to you fully furnished, and conveys with the boat slip for your beautiful jet skis or boat!! Take a look at this virtual tour.
By Diane Grady on 10/13/2011 12:39 PM
When engaging an agent to list or purchase a home, what do you think that people are looking for? If you wanted to buy or sell in a particular community what would you want in an agent? Of course you would always look to hire someone who has a neat and clean appearance. Someone who presents them self well, with confidence. Someone who is polite and a good listener.  But are they an expert in that community?
By Diane Grady on 10/13/2011 12:30 PM
On October 1st, my little puppy turned 10 years old! He has been selling Real Estate with me for the past almost 10 years, since he was 2 months old. When I bought Harley he was so young and vulnerable that I hated to leave him home when I went to work. The children were all at school and he just looked so sad when I would get ready to leave the house! So...I began to take him to the office. The customers loved him and he began to accumulate a fan club. Who didn't love that adorable little guy with those big Cocker Spaniel eyes just dying to love, kiss and enjoy your company. Little tail wagging all the time!!!
By Diane Grady on 10/13/2011 12:22 PM
So you are meeting your customer for the first time out of the office and they are joining you in your car to look at properties. You are sharp, have your best outfit on, for the ladies, nails polished and hair nice and neat. Your paperwork is fantastic and you are well prepared. Very nice first impression. So now we walk to your car. What do they see and what does it cause them to think? Not every car has to be new, nor does it have to be a Mercedes Benz, but it does have to be clean, really!  A first impression of your car is very important.
By Diane Grady on 9/30/2011 3:43 PM
With the trends all heading toward social media, and the ability for consumers to see homes on line with virtual tours and massive amounts of photographs, is it really necessary to have open houses any more? My answer would be no.
By Diane Grady on 9/30/2011 3:36 PM
I am saddened this morning as at 5am I received a phone call from my friend's sister that her husband passed away this morning. This friend was and still is a good customer of mine. She, through another Realtor many years ago, bought one of my listings. We got to know each other and years later she listed 2 of her properties with me. In the interim, we became great friends.
By Diane Grady on 9/30/2011 3:25 PM
I truly believe that being all that you can be for a customer, buyer or seller, or even renter, is the way to go. But what happens when you do your job perfectly, find them that fantastic home, perfect location, great price and immaculate shape and then you begin to move to close and one of the many other professionals you must work with do not do their job??
By Diane Grady on 9/30/2011 3:10 PM
For all of you Realtors with Ocean Front Properties for sale here on the Atlantic Coast, did you know that our ocean is the saltiest Ocean in the world? It is true, our ocean has a greater salt content than any other. The Dead Sea is by far the saltiest body of water on Earth, but as far as Oceans go, the Atlantic takes the prize for being the most salty! What does that mean for our Ocean Front home owners????
By Diane Grady on 9/30/2011 10:33 AM
Over the course of the last 12 years that I have been in the Real Estate Business I have had 3 different Accountants. I have never had any of them suggest that I incorporate. Recently while having a conversation with an Accountant, he was surprised to hear that I was not incorporated. I asked him why he thought that it was important and he gave me the following reasons:
By Diane Grady on 9/30/2011 10:06 AM
Have you ever booked showings for your listings and then had a Realtor call to tell you that her customers were running late or that they pulled up and just did not want to see the home? I sometimes have this happen and am always so glad that the Realtor took the time to call me and give me an explanation.
By Diane Grady on 9/16/2011 5:42 PM
How many times in the past few years have you had a really great listing, clean, nice location, soft neutral colors, great curb appeal, wonderful neighborhood, and best of all, outstanding sellers who understand the market and price competitively to sell?
By Diane Grady on 9/14/2011 8:05 PM
God Bless our parents who raised us and gave us opportunities that they never had themselves. We should take note like many foreign countries like Asia and Europe who worship and revere the elderly. We need to protect our Seniors. Take some time and visit the nursing homes and elder care centers. Adopt a Senior Citizen, they have so much valuable life experience to share and would so love the companionship. Let's not leave our parents and grandparents out in the cold. Without them, we wouldn't be here!!
By Diane Grady on 9/14/2011 8:26 AM
It is a shame that it has come to this, but agents, both men and women, should really think before they show a home or host an open house. We have not had any known incidents here in Saint Augustine Florida, but the crime is up here and everywhere and it is, I am sure, just a matter of time, before someone is hurt because of not being prepared.
By Diane Grady on 9/12/2011 3:51 PM
It used to be that you could be a good agent and do a good job and that was enough. It was all that it took. Today is a totally different world. With the financial chaos, political problems and national debt in the trillions, our buyers and sellers need us more than ever. They are afraid to buy, afraid not to buy. Want to sell, have to sell, need to sell, They are all over the place and need someone strong, smart and level headed to help them sort through all of it and assist them in making good decisions.
By Diane Grady on 9/7/2011 9:35 PM
As Realtors, we hear it all the time. Buyers continue to wait for "the bottom" before they buy. After seeing so many homes and a few that they really really loved, I gave this example to buyers that I was working with. You know, every year Macys has  great sale. The first day offers the best selection even though the items are only marked down to 50%. At 50% off it is still a great deal and with so many things to chose from the first day, it is the best time to shop!
By Diane Grady on 9/6/2011 9:10 AM
For many years Saint Augustine has been known as a sleepy little town, quaint, nice and virtually undiscovered by most. More recently things have begun to change. Saint Augustine is in the news and beginning to get noticed! The US World and News Report rated Saint Augustine as one of the top 10 places to live.  Coastal Living Magazine wrote a lovely article about us, naming Saint Augustine as one of the best places to enjoy the Christmas lights. Flagler College was ranked one of the top 10 most beautiful campuses! Wow! Someone is paying attention!  All of a sudden people are noticing all of the things about Saint Augustine that those of us who are lucky enough to live here, love and enjoy about our beautiful little city! However, because we are such a small town, the question always arises...What is there to do in Saint Augustine?
By Diane Grady on 8/28/2011 9:38 AM
At a native plant seminar I found out about a special place in one of our local subdivisions. This neighborhood, Saint Augustine Shores, is only about a mile from my office. They have a large meadow where mostly senior citizens, not even residents of the Shores, come to volunteer and grow native plants for everyone to enjoy. I was intrigued by The Meadow and so last week my son and I went out to visit. The county is actually building a park next to it amongst large old growth oaks and it will be a very lovely spot.
By Diane Grady on 8/25/2011 8:38 AM
Recently, I went to show a very expensive home. 2.6 million was the asking price. The seller had everything absolutely perfect but the air was full of dragonflies which I felt was very distracting. The outside of this home was exceptional, with Intracoastal frontage, beautiful gardens, outdoor fireplace, summer kitchen, koi pond, pergola, and so much more.
By Diane Grady on 8/18/2011 8:59 AM
This sensational Waterfront home is fantastic enough on its own but now the Sellers are going to throw in all of their beautiful Pottery Barn style, like new furnishings, 2 scooters and a Jeep Wrangler! All are in mint condition and the vehicles have low miles, ready for you to enjoy some fun in the sun!
By Diane Grady on 8/15/2011 7:17 AM
When I was growing up we always had curtains. Lots of loud prints with dark colors, and it was all very stylish. Later, when I had my own home, the thought of curtains seemed old fashioned and I wanted wood blinds. The next home sported Plantation Shutters, still the rage in many places. After all of this, I am now switching back to curtains. Not the loud flowered ones, but pretty flowing white curtains that sort of drag the ground just a touch. They flutter in the breeze and make everything clean and romantic looking!
By Diane Grady on 8/15/2011 7:15 AM
It has been a sensational week! My oldest son and his darling girlfriend have passed their Real Estate exams and are going to join my Team! This was a decision that they came to themselves, unsolicited by me and so that makes it even more special! They are a beautiful couple, honest, kind and so very bright and they will be such a welcome addition.
By Diane Grady on 8/15/2011 7:11 AM
The past few weeks the temperature here in Beautiful Saint Augustine Florida has been in the 90's with a heat index of approximately 107 degrees. Amazing. Our average temperature is 72 degrees.....normally. This summer is a whole different story. No one is showing up to see our open houses and the average time to go to the beach has become 6pm!!
By Diane Grady on 8/5/2011 3:39 PM
I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago. After a business mastery class I hired a social media coach. I needed to learn to blog, tweet, hoot and whatever else, to bring myself current and connect to other like minded people networking on the Internet. So, I hired Dave Hall from Listing Solutions in Saint Augustine and we began to dissect my web site and get into it.
By Diane Grady on 8/2/2011 10:20 AM
For any of you that endure back pain, I encourage you to visit a Chiropractor. Check them out. Get personal recommendations. Interview them. Be informed and then make a committment to do what it takes to become "well adjusted". I cannot thank Dr. Jack enough for giving me a new lease on life. Some of the neck pain that I had prior to this accident combined with the lack of movement in my neck is now dissapating and I am sleeping like a baby at night!
By Diane Grady on 8/1/2011 8:30 AM
I had the opportunity to attend a Green Roof seminar last week. I thought that it would be about something entirely different than what the presentation was about!  My thoughts regarding a "green" roof were like what you most commonly think of when you hear the word "green". Environmentally friendly, Energy Efficient, etc.  Much to my surprise, this was about an actual green roof. A roof that has a garden growing on it. I had never heard of this and found the topic interesting enough to share.
By Diane Grady on 7/29/2011 3:36 PM
With the wide sparkling Intracoastal Waterway through Saint Augustine, you would think that there would be a large amount of properties available with deep water docks. Fact of the matter is, most of the Intracoastal Waterway is bordered by marsh grasses, State Park, and nature preserves.
By Diane Grady on 7/26/2011 10:04 PM
Did you know that it is OK to grow Wax Myrtle but not a Crepe Myrtle? That Mexican Petunias are invasive plants and should not be grown anywhere here?  That the word "Wort" means medicinal so anytime that you hear a plant name with "wort" in it you will likely find it has medicinal properties? That Beauty Berries have bright magenta berries that are great for making jelly and that if you were to eat the berry raw, it would make you salivate?? It was all very interesting and I will definitely use this information to cultivate a new garden where butterflies and hummingbirds live and play!
By Diane Grady on 7/22/2011 8:39 AM
I have the most sensational produce dropped off at my home, come rain or shine. This is also accompanied by a loaf of fresh bread, again, baked locally! The group that does this is called Local Fare Farm Bag and they are incredible! Dependable, always a fantastic selection and no delivery fee if you sign up for 8 or more deliveries.
By Diane Grady on 7/20/2011 7:07 PM
It had obviously crawled quite a distance and it seemed so very tired!! Finally, after what seemed like ages, he/she hit the ocean"s edge. I felt like cheering as it was swept to sea only to find that to my dismay, the little guy was then pushed back to the shore, way back farther than where he was minutes ago. This happened so many times and the tide continued to come in, higher and higher.
By Diane Grady on 7/19/2011 4:50 PM
Most people kind of lump million, billion and trillion into a category that is sort of like "a bunch". Well, actually, trillion is so far from million and even billion, that it is scary!
By Diane Grady on 7/19/2011 4:14 PM
The cool breezes that we have here in Saint Augustine, the wonderful building code that keeps our buildings only 3 stories high and our pristine white sand beaches dotted with sea oats were a welcome site to see when I returned home. Saint Augustine locals, don't take what we have for granted! Our historic downtown, pristine beaches and wide sparkling Intracoastal Waterways are blessings and we are so fortunate to live somewhere so beautiful. For those of you who have never visited, please come and take a look. Beautiful Saint Augustine is one of the USA's best kept secrets but we are willing to share!!
By Diane Grady on 7/12/2011 5:45 AM
If you liked my blog about Fiji and the Business Mastery Classes I hope that you will look for my YouTube video that will be coming out soon. The video shows the native people of the island of Viwa, one of approximately 332 islands in the Fijian chain.
By Diane Grady on 7/6/2011 10:41 AM
Diane Grady-Klinge and husband Kris have just returned from Fiji where they completed a Business Mastery class with Business Entrepreneur and Educator, Tony Robbins.


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