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Russian ladies and Ukrainian brides Des femmes russes ou ukrainiennes ou Lituaniennes

Have a good time of day, Martin! Thank you very much for your letter I am very pleased to know that you liked me! It gives me great pleasure to tell you about myself! I like you, too, liked the fact that you and I like! I like going out to restaurants, travel, movies, sports and do all sorts of activities.I like doing improvisation, see shows, discover new place and valking. I was born in Ukraine in a small town called Lugansk, I graduated from school, college and academy, I prefer art of well, or I'm just not so smart)I love dancing, I started dancing at the age of 7 years old, I studied ballet, modern dance, folk dancing, I like it a lot! I love to cook soups and salads, usually improvise)))I would like to know how to cook cakes and pastries, but it is very bad for the figure that I did not do it! I have a dream, I want to learn to skate and roller,but I'm afraid that I will be bruised!When you asked what I need a man I can answer you I need a man like you, when I read your letter I understand that you come to me perfectly, you is who I need! I like all the same as you, except museums I have not never been, but I think that if I have been there I will liked it! I love cleanliness and order in the house, I like to create coziness! For my husband and children, I will do my best that they feel my affection to love and care for them!I love animals and I would like to get a dog for the Future of Children) I worked as a bartender in a restaurant and I really like it, I like to communicate with people and I like to improvise with cocktails, and they say every bartender is a psychologist)letters can tell a lot but it is no substitute for a personal meeting, just looking in the eye, you can understand and know a person completely!I look forward to meeting with you on Skype, we could talk to you looking at each other!Good day to you, I hope you like my letter and hope of a meeting of skype!

Agence matrimoniale Femmes Russes et Ukrainiennes

Dans les vidéos de Sylvain, la vision simpliste de sa philosophie ne peut amener ceux qui l'abordent qu'à un découragement et des doutes après avoir adhéré à ses "conseils". Bref,  je pense qu'il ne s'en rend pas compte, mais  ses vidéos sous l'aspect "bon enfant" sont plus du poison "subtil"  qu'une véritable ode à encourager de s' inscrire au CQMI. 
D'après le sens de  ses  propos, je ne serais pas surpris  qu'il considère qu'il est une victime de la vie et que tout ce qui lui a été fait dans celle-ci, c'est uniquement de la faute des autres.

Je ne suis pas devin mais je suis certain que si Sylvain s’inscrit  et fait le voyage sans ce travail profond à réaliser sur soi, il court à l'échec...!  (sauf le miracle de la rencontre d'une personne telle que lui? et encore...)

Bonne fin de semaine à vous!


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