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Agence matrimoniale de femmes russes
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Agence matrimoniale CQMI pour des rencontres internationales



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Russian ladies and Ukrainian brides Des femmes russes ou ukrainiennes ou Lituaniennes

Have a good time of day, Martin! Thank you very much for your letter I am very pleased to know that you liked me! It gives me great pleasure to tell you about myself! I like you, too, liked the fact that you and I like! I like going out to restaurants, travel, movies, sports and do all sorts of activities.I like doing improvisation, see shows, discover new place and valking. I was born in Ukraine in a small town called Lugansk, I graduated from school, college and academy, I prefer art of well, or I'm just not so smart)I love dancing, I started dancing at the age of 7 years old, I studied ballet, modern dance, folk dancing, I like it a lot! I love to cook soups and salads, usually improvise)))I would like to know how to cook cakes and pastries, but it is very bad for the figure that I did not do it! I have a dream, I want to learn to skate and roller,but I'm afraid that I will be bruised!When you asked what I need a man I can answer you I need a man like you, when I read your letter I understand that you come to me perfectly, you is who I need! I like all the same as you, except museums I have not never been, but I think that if I have been there I will liked it! I love cleanliness and order in the house, I like to create coziness! For my husband and children, I will do my best that they feel my affection to love and care for them!I love animals and I would like to get a dog for the Future of Children) I worked as a bartender in a restaurant and I really like it, I like to communicate with people and I like to improvise with cocktails, and they say every bartender is a psychologist)letters can tell a lot but it is no substitute for a personal meeting, just looking in the eye, you can understand and know a person completely!I look forward to meeting with you on Skype, we could talk to you looking at each other!Good day to you, I hope you like my letter and hope of a meeting of skype!


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