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Unlike the other FIFA 18 modes, Ultimate Team is the only one in which their players are represented with cards, that is, each player appears in a different item, where we can see their statistics, which also determine the type of card. This particularity is, Dragon Mania Legends Free Food together with the chemistry and the transfer market, what makes it such a special way.
As the years have progressed, the variety of these has been expanding, sometimes making it difficult to know how many different types there are, both by statistics, graphics typology ... Therefore, I wanted to bring you this FIFA 18 Ultimate Team card guide , in which will show you all the different item classes that there are.

In this way, I will explain to you how many types there are, but also the particularity of each one and where they come from. And, of course, with a visual example of each of them.

For this guide, let's go, first to see what categories of letters, and then we will focus on the special ones, where the largest range of types is.
Likewise, even within normal letters FIFA 18 Hack Coins Free or NIF, there are two subtypes. These are Brilliant ( rare ) or Non-Brilliant ( non rare ), whose only difference between them is merely aesthetic. That is to say, on the field, the statistics of the soccer player have an identical reflection as far as performance is concerned.


In the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team cards, we must first distinguish three categories, which are determined based on the overall average of the player itself.

Thus, there are three categories that we find:

  • Gold : Players with 75 points FIFA 18 Cheat tool of half or more.
  • Silver : Players with an average between 65 and 74 points.
  • Bronze : Players with 64 points of half or less.

Below you can see an example of each of these categories.

All these types of cards would be inside the NIF cards, being the original versions of each of the players in FUT 18. That is, the first card that appears of each one of them.

          Special versions

Where we truly find the largest variety of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team cards, and that therefore get the most attention, is in the special versions.

Then we will see what there is, or what is confirmed to be, in FUT 18. I want to emphasize that most of the examples that you see here regarding the player himself and his statistics are simply assumed, that is, a simile FIFA 17 Coin Generator of what they might have in the game upon receiving each version.


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