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How can you select any player on the track in FIFA 18? Turning off automatic switch-over is what lets you run anywhere on the track with a player we've chosen. So leave these features in default. Then, we have nothing more to do than selecting the player with the right analogue and moving it on the track. Now let's go into the combinations that can be done with the move player in FIFA 18 coin generator.

  • Attacking: As an attack ( LT + RT ), the ball can be used without the ball. While holding LT (L1) while defending, the player moves much finer , it will be more difficult to get rid of, even if he suddenly touches the ball and touches even finer.So, if you are in the player and are in 1vs1 situation, keep it pressed.

  • Sprint + sprint: When defending an  area and running with the player, you will need to use the RT (R1) button. With this, we get a quick kick, we get there first in Free fifa 18 coins and points, and if we can not reach the ball, then we have nothing to do with the defender.

All in all, the point is to prevent the player from before / in the possible pass mobile legends bang bang ios hack. You need these extra buttons so that the other defender can run around where we think he will pass the opponent. I've had a lot of times getting "your players always faster", "always the ball thrown to you", "you always know where to pass". I would like to ask you two examples of why these things happen.

  • Reading a Long Stage: Usually, when I see that the opponent wants to curl up, you are already preaching to the defender and starting to run backwards. I just start off first, and while his striker stands, I'm running back and running faster than the first shift + physical superior gives me so much of a chance to get there first.


  • Short pass reading: Normally, my defenders are overtaken and I know where the opponent is going for because I'm constantly switching to the analogue , trying to keep the passes. As I see him pushing the striker, I'm on the defender and the ball is rolling over to me. By doing this, the opponent only realizes that for some reason my players are always in the right place and can not simply give the ball anywhere.

I tried to present this video even though my technical background did not allow all kinds of hyper-analytical video, so I took a 4-minute half-time against the computer where I was attacked. What I do not say is that there are few players playing like the legendary machine, so he does not think of a human being, he analyzes my movement much better than real players.


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