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How to Choose the Best Assistance For Your Debt Problems

Life is a game with money. It has the power to make one rich and make one poor. It is the soul foundation for one's happiness and sorrow. Moreover, truth keeps silent when money speaks as it is the wise man's religion.

No one is satisfied with the money he earns. Desire drives his every movement and controls the pace of his dreams. When need becomes the king, and when necessity rules over his head, dependence become his only source. Thus he borrows money and he becomes a debtor. The person who lends the money becomes the creditor.

There are various ways of debt commitment. Monthly installment loans for bad credit direct lenders, mortgages, promissory notes, debentures, etc can be included in the debt. The debt increases with time, if it is not repaid on time. Some creditors claim huge interest along with the paid back money. That adds to the already laid off burden.

Analyzing the present scenario, credit card debt is taking over the scene more than any other debt. As the usage of credit card goes up, so do the debt on cards. Thus it disturbs normal life, creates tension, brings out problems, and even upsets social life. Thus debt becomes a villain and dominates your life.

Now so many options are available for debt assistance. It is only that you need to choose the best type of aid that suits you and your debt situation. Normally, they are divided in to three-

  • Debt consolidation
  • Debt negotiation
  • Debt settlement
Debt consolidation-

Debt consolidation is one that makes use of one loan to pay many other loans. This secures lower interest rate, and the payment is lower than what the credit card companies offer you when you are in credit card debt. Debt consolidation basically focuses on reducing interest rates.

One advantage of consolidation is that it will relieve you from the hold of creditors as long as you make new lower monthly payments. If a loan is used against an asset which is collateral in debt consolidation, then a mortgage is secured against the asset. Most probably the collateral security will be your house. In collateralizing, the asset owner allows the foreclosure of the asset in order to pay back the loan.

The interest rate for credit cards is larger than unsecured loan from a bank. Debtors with property such as a home or car may get a lower rate through a collateral security. But the pitfall is that when the habit of spending more than the income with credit card continues, even consolidation will not work properly.

As consolidation helps a consumer getting high interest debt balances, companies take advantage of that by making consumers pay high fees in the consolidation loan. You are also supposed to cancel all the credit cards included in the debt consolidation repayment plan.

Debt negotiation-

When a debt consolidation does not work for you, you can go for assistance in debt negotiation. If you have failed to meet the payments in the debt consolidation plan, you can resort to negotiation plan.

In this step, creditors are not involved in the repayment process. Rather the companies will make an account and keep your monthly payments. When this type of transaction happens with your debt negotiation company, it helps in negotiating the amount with your creditor, thus removing you from the scene. Once the negotiation is settled, then the company pays an amount which is considered as the one time payment for the creditor.

One disadvantage of the negotiation plan is that it can make a negative mark on your credit score rating. If the company does not take proper steps, there are possibilities that your credit score decreases considerably. This problem can be solved by making the creditor show the credit report paid as complete.

Debt settlement-

Debt settlement is the program by which consumers with the help of a debt negotiator settles debt problems with the creditor in order to settle the unpaid balances and other payments. Debt settlement eliminates part of your debt.

Debt settlements can be performed in almost every type of debt. But it is most used for credit card debts as it is the easiest and fastest type of debt to acquire.
The eligibility to participate in a debt settlement program is to have a good credit card history, i.e., a good payment background.

A debt settlement program gives you a lot of options to remove your debt, reducing your major debt amount and late fees, and provides you the facility to pay back the amount within the period you specify.

The disadvantage in debt settlement is that, creditors can drop your credit score considerably resulting in making you ineligible for conventional loans.

Choosing the best assistance for debt problems-

Debt is a serious issue. It is not possible to just walk away from the problems putting away the matter in a tied up hurdle. It is always best to deal with debt problems from its developing stage not allowing it to spread and be infectious.

Once you find yourself in debt and you decide to get help from a source, do a lot of analysis and pre thought to it, understanding the issue to be not so silly. Selecting the right assistance from a place also may put you in problems. The steps involved in this process are:

  • Examine your debt problem
  • Analyze the seriousness of the situation
  • See whether you can tackle it yourself
  • Find out how you can go for assistance
  • Choose the best assistance
  • Abide by the rules of negotiation, settlement or consolidation
  • Make sure you do not spend more than what you earn

Usually man himself puts him in trouble by doing things without prior thinking and spending more than what he can afford. The chances for debt are more if he has a credit card too. It is always better to play everything safe and keep yourself restricted in expenses.

A man in debt is so far a slave. He is not free until and unless he resolves his debt problems and goes back to a situation, free and simple. A little carefulness can avoid a big crisis in life; the same way a bit of carelessness can put you in a bad turmoil. As Thomas Tusser puts it, "Who goeth a borrowing, Goeth a sorrowing."

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